Case Départ is not your typical film distribution company; it's a passionate team of cinephiles on a mission to redefine the way films connect with audiences. In a world saturated with conventional distribution practices, Case Départ thrives on disrupting the status quo, pushing boundaries, and breathing new life into the cinematic experience.

What sets Case Départ apart is their unwavering commitment to each film they take under their wing. They don't just release movies; they craft immersive journeys for viewers, treating every film as a unique game of strategy and creativity. The team meticulously plans, targets, and adapts each release to ensure it finds its rightful audience.

Their approach is refreshingly democratic, eschewing rigid editorial guidelines in favor of passion-driven choices. Rather than adhering to industry trends, Case Départ champions the films that ignite their own fervor. This means you won't find a predictable lineup of mainstream blockbusters; instead, you'll discover hidden gems, underappreciated masterpieces, and daring experiments that challenge cinematic norms.

Case Départ isn't just about box office numbers; it's about the magic of cinema. They believe that every film, regardless of its budget or genre, deserves a chance to shine. And they're not afraid to take risks, championing independent voices and helping them break through the noise.

In the world of film distribution, Case Départ is the rebellious maverick, the champion of the unconventional, and the curator of cinematic treasures. So, the next time you're looking for a movie that breaks the mold, challenges your perspective, or simply takes you on an unforgettable journey, trust Case Départ to guide you to a film that speaks to your heart and soul. Because for them, every film is a ticket to a new adventure, and they invite you to take that exhilarating leap with them.

Case Départ

▪︎ Theatrical Distribution : Organizing cinema screenings at key locations to reach a local audience.

▪︎ Digital Distribution : Managing online distribution through streaming platforms, video on demand (VOD), and social media.

▪︎ Marketing and Promotion : Designing and executing targeted marketing campaigns for each film, including creating trailers, posters, and promotional materials.

▪︎ Release Strategy : Developing a tailored release strategy for each film, taking into account factors such as seasonality, film festivals, and competition.

▪︎ Festival Submission : Identifying and submitting films to relevant film festivals to increase their visibility.